Indigenius is an interactive touch exhibit that gives participants an inside scope of Africa. The exhibit, as curated by Kwashee Totimeh & DAG (Digital Art Gallery), invites visitors to completely immerse themselves in the parts of Africa that need to shine. The installation pays homage to the muffled parts of Africa with a flair that allows visitors to also become a part of the art. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves completely in the different installations and showcase how they fit into our own small rendition of Africa. The Indigenius Exhibit is a way to let you be a part of the narrative and mesh with a culture that is deep-rooted and ever-changing. Indigenius is crafted specifically to tell a story, but it also gives you the room to tailor how that story is translated. 

⁃ From Africa, with love.


Afrobeats to the world!

Afrobeats are definitely making their mark! I know you’ve probably heard “If” by Davido played to death, but I promise that’s not all we have to offer! This featured section will allow you the perfect photo op, or just a moment to feel like the next big thing in the Afrobeats world. We’ll have all the tunes in constant rotation for you or your crew to live out all of your musical dreams! Transform into Wizkid, Tiwa, or Afro B and find your personal Joanna! Props are provided, talent sold separately. Show your instagram you got bars!



Ever wonder why most African parents push for their children to work in the field of Science? Long before Western influences, science has been a dominant force within various African cultures. With an abundance of natural resources and a multitude of various figures throughout history working in a host of fields, science in Africa is booming! History of course paints a different narrative where these truths aren’t always acknowledged, but Indigenius is here to showcase Africa in the ways it deserves! Come learn about Africa and it’s ties to modern science throughout the world!


Sit Upon The Throne

“You are, because I am”

What does representation mean for you? Sometimes it’s hard to conceptualize your own personal greatness, especially when you factor in as a Minority. This section of the gallery serves as a gentle reminder to all those who choose to sit upon the thrown who they really are at their core. We all come from various backgrounds, but royalty lies at our very essence. This is the perfect weekend pick-me-up for any day you choose to pull up. You are the vibe so we’re setting the tone. Regal, Fly, Blackness is on the agenda as always at Indigenius Haus. Come create memories worth smiling over!